This October 30, 2021, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is celebrating its quarter-century anniversary. Over the past 25 years, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel has taken pride in being one of the city’s iconic hotels, a world-class destination boasting classic beauty, luxury as well as the elegance of the Trang An people. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing the entire hotel industry to struggle, the Board of Management and nearly 600 associates of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel still diligently put efforts into elevating the facilities and services, creating innovative products to adapt to the “new normal”.

25 years of legacy

The history of Hanoi Daewoo started 25 years ago, when the capital city was just beginning to enter the “Doi Moi” period. Right from the very beginning of operation in 1996, Hanoi Daewoo has become a symbol of the city because of its grandiose scale at the time.  Located in the heart of the Western gateway of the city with 411 rooms and suites, Hanoi Daewoo is not only the largest hotel in Hanoi but also attracts businessmen and politicians with its classic architectural style, exuding a blend of elegant and sophisticated beauty. The collection of Vietnamese paintings by famous local artists makes the hotel an artistic “house of painting” for elite guests.

Dated back to the hotel’s early days, the elite guests were not only businessmen, but also the Heads of State, international politicians who looked for a place to stay that uphold the spirit of Hanoi. A number of royalties and heads of state have visited Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, as a testament to the glorious quarter-century of Hanoi Daewoo.

Iconic architecture style

As the first 5-star hotel in the capital, Hanoi Daewoo has a completely different French colonial architecture style and is proud to be the most admired 5-star hotel in Hanoi. Harmonious in its structure, delicate in every detail, the hotel is designed in the shape of an arc embracing the curve of the largest 5-star outdoor swimming pool in Hanoi. The green garden and the delicately curved swimming pool have become an ideal outdoor space for large parties and events.

The hotel also owns a Grand Ballroom with a scale of up to 500 guests, decorated in royal style with elegant cream tone, high ceiling design and splendid chandelier system. This is the official venue of many international conferences and events.

For the last 25 years, although Hanoi has become the capital of many 5-star hotels, Daewoo has always been proud of being an iconic building and a must-visit destination for domestic and international tourists.

A Human-focused development approach

Not only is the capital city’s first 5-star hotel representing the aesthetic value of the times, Hanoi Daewoo also constantly affirms its place with the preeminent innovative spirit throughout its history. The special imprint of the hotel over the years must include the rich culinary world, always innovating on the quintessential culinary background.

With a selection of 06 stylish restaurants, bakery and lounge, Hanoi Daewoo takes diners on a journey of authentic culinary discovery, whether it’s famous Chinese dishes at Ngan Dinh Hanoi, authentic German cuisine at Duc Bao Gartenstadt, or exquisite Japanese menu at Edo restaurant. Intriguingly, the restaurants here are regularly upgraded in terms of both architectural space and menu, ensuring diners with an innovative and attractive touch in every experience at Hanoi Daewoo.

The core of our innovative spirit is our people. Therefore, more than any 5-star hotel, Hanoi Daewoo always takes people as the core factor that creates the value of Daewoo in the past, present and future.

“People are always the factor we choose to focus on.  If the customer is the center, the employees are the soul and the key to Daewoo’s success.  Therefore, even if tourism freezes because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we still consider it a perfect time to upgrade the facilities and services, create innovative products to adapt to the “new normal”  and wait for a.” shared Mr. Erwin R. Popov – General Manager of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel.

Not only caring about the life and quality of all associates, Hanoi Daewoo also participates in many CSR activities to engage with the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as contributing 300 million VND to the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Fund and donating thousands of moon cakes to pediatric patients being treated at the National Children’s Hospital and children at SOS Children’s Village Hanoi.

 More than any 5-star hotel, Hanoi Daewoo has written its name as an irreplaceable symbol for the past 25 years. It’s not only a symbol of architecture, of luxurious and classy style, but also a symbol of the beauty and spirit of Hanoi.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary, from October 25 – 31, 2021, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel launches a series of special offers – 25% off when using food services at all hotel’s F&B outlets. 

For further information and reservation, please contact Hotline +84 90 433 2887 or visit https://www.daewoohotel.com/.