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Throughout its 24-year journey with Hanoi gourmets, Hanoi Daewoo hotel always believes that each moon cake brings a very special meaning. Not only is it the gift to send love, it has also played a significant part in Vietnamese memories for generations.

Inspired by the night of the full moon in August, with the folk tale of “Chị Hằng – Moon Girl” and “Chú Cuội – Moon Man” beside the banyan tree, the premium Hanoi Daewoo Hotel moon cake collection is a harmonious fusion of traditional culture ​​and contemporary breath. Delicate, yet luxuriously designed with turquoise blue and impressive gold embossed decorative pattern, each cake box is a special gift, wishing for a peaceful and memorable reunion.

In addition to the hotel’s signature flavors, in 2020, chef Le Thanh Tung and a team of talented cake artists craft and launch a new trio of flavors. The signature flavors includes sweet lotus seed, smooth taro & almond and refreshing green tea& almond, combined with nutritious chia seeds, sweet cranberry and enriching coconut milk - promising to satisfy even the most discerning gourmets.

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